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Published in 1990, and it doesn't get an LJ community until 16 years later. Man, this book definitely needs more love.

This is the_fires_stone, the community for Tanya Huff's fantasy novel "The Fire's Stone". TFS was first published in 1990, and while it hasn't garnered as much attention as say, Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series (which deserves all the attention it gets) or Mercedes Lackey's The Last Herald-Mage series (Mercedes Lackey is fucking psycho lalalala*), it is still an enjoyable read and dear to those who read it.

Synopsis from the back:
AARON, Clan Heir, he had fled his people when his beloved was slain by his own father's command, abandoning his training, duty, and beliefs to become a their. A master of his trade, he now dared the odds in Ischia, city of the volcano, where they price of being caught was death.

DARVISH, prince of Ischia, third sone of a king who had no intention of giving up his throne. The prince was a drunkard, a lover, and a wastrel, yet was gifted with sword skills and with the ability to charm all around him. But not even his charm could free him from the political marriage now being planned.

CHANDRA, born a princess, she had chosen to become a Wizard of the Nine, the rarest of beings, able to master all the forms that sorcery could take. Now, promised as Darvish's bride, she undertook a desperate journey to Ischia to convince him they must not wed.

Aaron, Darvish, Chandra --- three strangers whose fates were about to become interwined. For someone had stolen The Stone, the magical talisman which stood between Ischia and the volcano's wrath. And unless the three could learn to work together on a quest to find The Stone, Ischia would drown in a sea of lava...

The book, admittedly, does have its share of flaws, and it is by no means the best fantasy novel ever, but it accomplishes its goal - to tell a good fantasy tale - rather well. The book doesn't set out to redefine the genre, just to tell an entertaining story using an age-old formula. And it works.

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