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The Fire's Stone LJ Community
I recently discovered the novel as part of the two in one volume… 
11th-Aug-2006 08:33 pm
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
I recently discovered the novel as part of the two in one volume reprint, and discovered this community when I was still part way through the novel. I immediately joined the community, though I didn't read anything here as I didn't want to spoil anything for myself.

I read in the intro to the book that it was one of Huff's first novels (the fourth?). I admit I probably wouldn't have guessed that if I hadn't known - though the (main) plot is fairly straightforward, though I think the stone itself was an imaginative invention.

I was surprised at the ending - though looking back at it and at other things I've read by Huff, I shouldn't have been. Though it certainly made me happy!

I know her novels are very bi friendly, I just wasn't expecting poly-friendly too. I should have, thinking of some of the relationships in her other novels, but there wasn't marriage involved in the case I'm thinking of (Blood... novels - Vicky/Henry/just-forgot-his-name).

Any way it was wonderful to see the two guys get together and to have Chandra be happy for them and supportive of their relationship.
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